Our Story

28th Nov 2021

Our Story

The Gaura plantation was founded in 1990 by Hengky Lianto’s family. Our aim was to improve people's local living conditions and to increase biodiversity. It was the first professional cocoa plantation on Sumba Island Indonesia and is still the only largest one on site to this day.

The plantation is managed by more than 60 full-time employees, with up to 150 additional helpers from the surrounding villages during the main harvest season. All employees and their families receive medical care, and the full-time employees receive land on which they can grow vegetables and fruits for their families.

We also cooperate with the Indonesian Coffee and Cacao Research Institute (ICCRI) to promote sustainable and efficient before and after harvesting practices to maintain a sustainable environment in Sumba Island.

In addition, the plantation operates a primary school which is free for the children of the employees and for children in the surrounding area.

In 2015, our cocoa was awarded the prestigious “Cocoa of Excellence” prize by Salon du Chocolat that was held in Paris as one of the best cocoas in the world. Our plantation has been visited by well-known chocolate companies in Europe and they use our cacao beans to produce their artisan chocolates.

In 2019, we began to produce our own chocolate, which is sold under the name GHAURA Chocolate, named in honour of the small village where it is produced, and its hard-working people.

Our mission is to connect local cocoa farmers from Sumba Island, Indonesia to the world.

Our vision is to craft single origin, bean to bar chocolates which are healthier for you to enjoy.

Our dream is to combine the beauty of Sumba Island and the uniqueness of our award winning cocoa to be one of the world's chocolate agritourism.